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IV Hydration 

Nutrient IV Therapy is an effective solution to proactive

health that delivers vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

directly into the bloodstream.

IV hydration is a cash pay service 

Services are by appointment only

Private Party service available email [email protected]

The Executive/QUENCH

Promotes mental clarity and focus during work hours and beyond.


Rise and Shine/REBOOT 

Reduces headaches and stops feelings of fatigue or exhaustion after a hangover.


Natural Defense/IMMUNITY

Protects the body and speeds up recovery from an airborne illness such as a cold.


MIC Plus B12 (30ml) M​DV

Reduces brain fog,  improve your mood AND concentration.

 Per IM inj.


 Boosting your energy, improving your memory and helping prevent heart disease. PerI IM inj.


Decrease recovery time &

enhance your performance


Fountain of Youth 

Improve hair, skin, and nails. Rehydrate your body, reduce and eliminate toxins from your system.


Tri-Immune Boost

Ultimate immune system enhancer. Help maintain a healthy immune system. 

Per inj. IM/IV

M​yers Cocktail

Jet lag, better sleep, healthy digestion, immune support, improve circulatory system, improve memory


Biotin Boost

  • Keeps hair, nails, and skin healthy: prevents thinning of hair and brittle nails, prevents dry, itchy skin
  • Maintains and regulates blood sugar levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes
  • Improves the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; it assists the main enzymes that take part in these metabolic processes.
  • Supports the appropriate function of the nervous system
  • Lowers LDL, the bad cholesterol, thereby supporting cardiovascular health and preventing cardiac diseases
  • Improves overall general health
Per inj/IM/IV

Vitamin D3

  • It provides the essential nutrients for your muscles and bones. Vitamin D3 is usually obtained from the sun, but an injection can help ensure that you are getting the necessary nutrients without putting yourself at risk for sun damage. It also allows you to absorb a higher level of the nutrient if you are unable to go in the sun often.
  • Helps turn off chronic inflammatory responses

IM Only


  • Used to prevent nausea and vomiting. Works in the stomach to block the signal to the brain that causes nausea and vomiting

Get Up and Go

  • Packed with amino acids, Vitamin B complex. B vitamins help create energy from food, produce blood cells, and maintain healthy skin, among other functions. Amino Acids help to 
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Enhance exercise performance & recovery
  • Inhibit muscle soreness & fatigue
  • Promote mental clarity & focus


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